InnovatingNL 2017

Third successful edition of InnovatingNL in The Hague

The third edition of InnovatingNL, with as theme The future of your connected world took place on 9 March 2017.

Around 100 delegates, executives and senior staff from different national and international organisations were present.

Several questions were covered during the event, such as:

• How do I generate maximum value from all that data?
• Can I depend on connectivity?
• Is the existing system of property rights sufficient, or do we need new protection of value?
• Which are the impediments from IP, Regulatory, Data Protection, Competition and Liability perspective?
• Where do the business opportunities lie?

All of these issues were discussed during interactive parallel sessions, and were supported by red or green voting cards and throwable microphones which stimulated audience engagement in an innovative way.

Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa and Marc van Wijngaarden held a welcome speech. The keynote speaker was TomTom’s George de Boer, Lead of Connected Car Initiatives.

The event was then split into two parallel sessions; one covered the topic Connecting everything, recording everything and the other one was about Monetizing on Data. Feyo Sickinghe and Jorn van Steenis were the moderators for the two parallel sessions and there were three business experts present: TomTom’s George de Boer, Fox-IT’s Christian Prickaerts and Baseline’s Edoardo Monopoli.

During the Connecting everything, recording everything session, partners Henriette Picot (Germany) and Ronald Hendrikx (UK) gave an overview of the current IoT landscape. Their presentation was followed by partner Marjolein Geus and senior counsel Frank Simons who discussed how the National and European rules and regulations affect the development of connected solutions. The first parallel session was finished by partners Quirine Tjeenk Willink and Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa. They talked about data protection, liability and insurance.

At the other parallel session, on Monetizing on data, IP partner Wouter Pors showcased the options and protection of big data. His presentation was followed by partner Pauline’s Kuipers’ presentation on the opportunities and threats in the marketplace linked to competition. The second parallel session was ended by associate Berend van der Eijk and counsel Lennart Schüßler (Germany) on data protection and implementing the right solutions and creating the right data protection environment.

After a short break there was a short tips and tricks presentation on how to secure your data from Christian Prickaerts from Fox-IT. Following Christian’s session, there was a panel discussion situated against the background of the “Digital Single Market” – the EU’s ambitious initiative to reduce legislative hurdles and make the EU fit for the next ‘digital age’. The panel discussion between our lawyers, industry experts from TomTom, Baseline and Fox-IT, and the attendees closed the day, reflecting on these developments.

After the final panel discussion, the delegates had the opportunity to network and discuss the presentations.

Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa and Marc van Wijngaarden, the initiators of InnovatingNL, commented: “We are very happy with the turnout of the third edition of InnovatingNL. The delegates are getting increasingly familiar with the concept of this event and were very enthusiastic about the breadth and depth of the parallel sessions. We are looking forward to hosting InnovatingNL once again in 2018.”

One participant said: “Fun experience tackling interesting questions on IoT “.

Another participant commented: “Very inspiring and interesting – also to hear business experiences.”

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Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa


Marc van Wijngaarden


Spaces Rode Olifant
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9 March 2017

13:30 – 14:00 Arrival and refreshments
14.00 – 14.30 Keynote
The Connected Car: our new Smart Thermostat
We kick this afternoon off with a keynote session from TomTom’s George de Boer, Lead Connected Car Initiatives.

The smart thermostat has passed the gadget mark and is getting to more and more households creating data turned into user benefits.

The connected car is already delivering enormous amounts of big data which helps us create traffic and better maps. But will the connected car turn into the next smart thermostat with more personalised benefits for the driver? If so, how sensitive is the data and who owns it?
George de Boer (TomTom)

14:30 – 14:45 Coffeebreak
14:45 – 16:15 Parallel sessions
Two interactive sessions with our lawyers and invited industry specialists focusing on particular aspects of the digital transformation. Choose one of the following:

Parallel session 1: Connecting everything, recording everything
Moderator: Feyo Sickinghe (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Business expert: Christian Prickaerts (Fox-IT)

Overview of current IoT Landscape
Henriette Picot (Bird & Bird, Germany)
Ronald Hendrikx (Bird & Bird, UK)

National and European rules and regulations – such as in the field of telecommunications and cyber security – affect the development of connected solutions. Which rules are relevant? How do you address these in the development cycle? Should the rules be changed?
Marjolein Geus (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Frank Simons (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)

Data Protection, Liability & Insurance
IoT brings us loads of exciting opportunities, but the volume of personal data that even a small number of devices can generate is unprecedented today. So what about privacy and compliance risks like unwanted profiling, data breaches, liabilities and insurance?
Quirine Tjeenk Willink (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)

Parallel session 2: Monetizing on Data
Moderator: Jorn van Steenis (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Business expert: George de Boer (TomTom)

Big data represent value, but data as such do not qualify as intellectual property. What are the options for protection of these assets? Do we need new law at EU level and is that feasible?
Wouter Pors (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)

Opportunities or threats in any marketplace? The collection, processing and commercial use of data is often seen not as a competition law issue. However, competition authorities have begun to look at possible competition issues arising from the possession and use of data.
Pauline Kuipers (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)

Data Protection
Data protection sometimes seems like the showstopper for data driven businesses. It doesn’t have to be. Implementing the right solutions and creating the right data protection environment can protect your business assets while fostering trust with customers and end-users.
Berend van der Eijk (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Lennart Schüßler (Bird & Bird, Germany)

16:15 – 16:45 Break
16:45 – 17:00 How to secure your data – Tips and tricks
Christian Prickaerts (Fox-IT)

17:00 – 17:30 Panel discussion
Moderator: Ronald Hendrikx (Bird & Bird, UK)
Panel members:
George de Boer (TomTom)
Christian Prickaerts (Fox-IT)
Marjolein Geus (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Wouter Pors (Bird & Bird, Netherlands)
Edoardo Monopoli (Baseline)

The above developments are happening against the background of the “Digital Single Market” – the EU’s ambitious initiative to reduce legislative hurdles and make the EU fit for the next ‘digital age’. Our panel discussion between our lawyers, industry experts from TomTom, Baseline and Fox-IT, and the attendees will close the day, reflecting on these developments.

17:30 Drinks